Quotes in Major Media


THe New Yorker: The Not-So-Suprising Survival of Foursquare

TechCrunch: A New Business Model for Skype

Wall Street Journal: Lights! Camera! Sales! (audio)

Wall Street Journal: Alcatel Gets Into Mobile Ads

WSJ MarketWatch: Facebook taking a Measured Approach to Mobile

MIT Technology Review: Making Search Social

BuzzFeed: What Google Will Look Like In 10 Years

Fortune: Purée a rake for fun and profit

Bloomberg Businessweek: Google, Facebook Mobile-Ad Share Ebbing

Business Week: Local Mobile Advertising Poised to Grow

Business Week: Apple, Google Considering App Sharing Tools

Forbes: Capture Mobile Searches To Draw Local Business

Forbes: Three Reasons Why Google's Glory Days May Lie Ahead

Forbes: Is the Dream Over?

Forbes: Google's Close Up

Forbes: Big Issue, Acknowledgments

Forbes: Who Will Be Left Standing Post-Groupon IPO

Los Angeles Times: Snapchat, A Fast-Rising Star

Los Angeles Times: Local Focus of Spot Runner Has Appeal to Global Investors

Los Angeles Times: New Search Service Links Diller's Web Territories

New York Times: Google Acquires AdMob for $750 Million

Washingtonpost.com: US Mobile Ad Revenues To Hit $3.1 Billion In 2013

Financial Times: EBay Moves Beyond Dotcom Roots

New York Post: Local Web Ad Firms Go Door-to-Door

USATODAY: Are Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt Going Places?

USATODAY: A Majority of Adults Watch Online Video

USATODAY: Location-based services like Foursquare lure users, money

TechCrunch: U.S. Mobile Ad Revenues To Reach Nearly $3 Billion By 2014

Mashable: Why Hasn't Location Reached the Mainstream Yet?

CNET News: A revamped Yahoo turning to users

Business Insider: The Year the Check-In Reached Puberty

Chicago Tribune: Chicago startup pitches mobile ads to CTA passengers

Book Jacket Quote: The Aisles Have Eyes

Book Jacket Quote: The Spirituality of AWE

AdAge: Why Google Wanted Waze: The Local Ad Market Is Going Mobile

AdWeek: Facebook Could Map Out Local Search, Ads With Waze Deal

AdWeek: Foursquare Looks to Shift From Gaming Novelty

AdWeek: A Waze Ahead of Apple in Maps Race

San Francisco Examiner: Everyscape Offers Another View of the District

San Francisco Business Times: Yelp cries out for 200 hires

San Diego Union Tribune: Deal hunting goes mobile



MediaPost: What Search Marketers Need to Know About Measurement 

MediaPost: Location Based Mobile Ads to Reach $10.8B

MediaPost: Automated Call Marketing Firm Invoca Secures $20 Million

MediaPost: Location-Based Mobile Ads To Reach $4.5 Billion

MediaPost: Mobile Presents Great Potential For ROI Tracking

MediaPost: Local Mobile Advertising Expected To Rocket To $9B By 2017

MediaPost: Mobile Ads To Hit $4B by 2015

MediaPost: Mobile Ad Boom: $2.9 Billion in 2014

MediaPost: Local Mobile Search To Reach $1.3 Billion By 2013

MediaPost: Local Mobile Hot For Ads

MediaPost: Not a Medium, But a Reflex

MediaPost: Quintura's Search Widget Takes on Competition

MediaPost: Marchex Aims To Lead Local Search

MediaPost: Google, Verizon Search Deal Signals Major Shift

MediaPost: Newspapers Should Bolster Online Alliances


Marketing Land: Enterprise Call Analytics, A Marketer's Guide 

Information Week: New mapping service aims to improve accuracy

Marketing Land: Mobile Local Ad Revenues Will Grow To $9.1 Billion

CMO: Geomarketing: It's Where It's At Today

BusinessWire: Mobile Driving the Next Power Play in Local Deals

Reuters: Invoca Raises $20 Million in Series C

eMarketer: Mobile Local Ad Spending Continues Rapid Growth

eMarketer: Location Data Pumps Up Mobile Performance

Mobile Marketer: Google NOW, Search's Evolution

Mobile Marketer: M-Commerce Conversion Rates a Must

Mobile Marketer: Net Neutrality Overturn Could Dampen Mobile Web

Mobile Marketer: Geo-fence Data Key for Mobile Ads

Mobile Marketer: Messaging a Challenge with Mobile Display

Mobile Marketer: Local Mobile Ad Spend Increasing

Mobile Marketer: Message Fatigue is a Growing Problem

Mobile Marketer: Big Data Powers Geotargeting Strategies

Mobile Marketer: Brands Need to Get Smarter on Mobile Segmentation

Mobile Marketer: Foursquare Needs Check-ins to Build Local Search Engine

Mobile Marketer: Local Mobile Ad Spend to Surpass National Advertising

Mobile Marketer: Mobile Local Ad Spend Growing

Mobile Marketer: Google Leverages Local, Social

Mobile Marketer: Are Barnes & Noble, RIM Wasting Their Time With Tablets

Mobile Marketer: Facebook Must Monetize Mobile or Risk Shrinking Revenues

Mobile Marketer: Are Amazon’s Mobile Plans Meant to UnseatApple?

Mobile Marketer: BIA/Kelsey forecasts US mobile advertising to reach $2.9B in 2014

Mobile Marketer: U.S. mobile ad revenues to reach $330M in 2009

Mobile Marketer: U.S. behind in adoption, monetization of mobile local media

Mobile Marketer: Has mobile ad network Quattro Wireless been acquired?

Mobile Marketer: Quattro acquisition marks notable shift in Apple strategy

Mobile Marketer: Is Apple’s iAd a threat to competing mobile ad networks?

Mobile Marketer: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon form joint venture

Street Fight: The Perils of Uberization

Street Fight: On Demand Becoming more Deeply Linked

Street Fight: Mobile Revenues Growing Faster Than Expected

Street Fight: Taking Programatic Ads to the Real World

GeoMarketing: SMBs Have Little to Fear from Mobile Ad Blocking

GeoMarketing: Search is Set to Lose SMBs to Social Spending

GeoMarketing: The Future of Retail is Consumer-First

GeoMarketing: Geotargeted Mobile Ads on the Rise

CMO: Marketers See the Value of Visual Media 

CMO: GeoMarketing: It's Where it's At Today

InformationWeek: Mobile Search Ads To Grow 130% By 2013

AdExchanger: Is Facebook’s Data Good Enough For Location-Targeted Ads?

E-Commerce Times: New Mobile Marketplace Blends Apps, Ads and Analytics 

E-Commerce Times: Apple to Introduce Mobile Advertising Into Its Ecosystem

E-Commerce Times: Facebook Gets Sandberg, Google Loses Face

E-Commerce Times: Online-Only Release, Smart Move or Half Assed?

E-Commerce Times: Google Mines YouTube for AdSense Gold

E-Commerce Times: Viacom-Joost Deal: New Media Era?

WebProNews: Online Video And Small Business 

TechNewsWorld: Digg Users Revolt Against Censorship

Search Engine Land: Video Ads On Google, A Win-Win For Consumers

Search Engine Watch: Revenue from Localized Mobile Ads to Reach $5.8B

Search Engine Watch: Is Apple iPhone the Key to Unlock Mobile Search?

ClickZ:  Foursquare Local Updates Competes with Google, Twitter

ClickZ: Smartphone Adoption Boosts Mobile Web Use, Local Search

ClickZ: Microsoft Offers Paid Display Ad Upgrade to Free Classifieds

ClickZ: Online Classifieds Enter a Social Phase


eMarketer: Online Video Nabs Consumer Response 

eMarketer: Local Mobile Ad Spending to Continue Dramatic Growth

Globeandmail.com: Search engines plug into old media

Editor & Publisher: Newspapers Should Create Alliances Online

NetNewsCheck: How Google Will Stay Competitive

NetNewsCheck: Mobile Will Grab 11.5% of Local Ad Spend

NetNewsCheck: SMBs Seen to Embrace "Non-Advertising"

NetNewsCheck: Local Franchises Get Backing On Web Spend

NetNewsCheck: Geofencing Still Slow To Catch On With SMBs

NetNewsCheck: BIA/Kelsey Promotes Boland, Williams, Hires Kay

NetNewsCheck: Apps Under Gun In Hotly Competitive Market

NetNewsCheck: Local Mobile Ad Spend To Hit $2.8B


State of Digital: Apps are Transforming the Future of Search

DMA Blog: Mobile is Key to Integrated Marketing

Digital Marketing Depot: Turning Mobile Search Ads into Phone Calls

Apple Apps Marketing: Who Will Apple Maps Buy Next?

NetNewsCheck: Report: Local Mobile Ad Rev To Hit $9B

BizReport: Local Mobile to Push $9 Billion

Mobile Marketing Watch: Mobile Local Ad Revenues to Reach $9.1 Billion

Radio Online: Mobile Ad Revenue To Grow To $9.1 Billion

MHBC Media News: Mobile Local Ad Revenues to Reach $9.1B in 2017

Fierce Mobile: BIA/Kelsey: U.S. Local Mobile Spending Projected to Increase

HotelNewsNow: Mobile Search Leading to Surge in Voice Demand

BisNow: Behind the Mobile Curtain

Targus Info: Expert on Mobile Advertising Weighs in

Washington Business Journal: Mobile Ad Spending to Quadruple to $4B

FMQB: Major Growth for Mobile Ads

ConnectedPlanet: Location Awareness to Drive Revolution in Mobile Ads

BIA/Kelsey: U.S. Mobile Local Ad Revenues to Grow to $2.8B in 2015

Austin Business Journal: Mobile Ad Spending to Quadruple 

ExtraSpace: Mobile Advertising is the Future of Self Storage

Tech News World: Google Gives Gmail IMAP Support

TMC: iPhone -Surge in Non-Voice Communications, Driven by Smartphones

ExtraSpace: Mobile Advertising is the Future of Self Storage


BIZREPORT: Mobile to push $3b by 2014

CHANNEL INSIDER: Mobile Advertising to Reach $2.9B in 2014

TVB: BIA/Kelsey Predicts Mobile Ad Revenues at $2.9B in 2014

DESIGN TAXI: Mobile Advertising to Reach Near $3B in 2014

RadioWOrld: Mobile Ads Seen at $2.9B in 2014 

Wireless Federation: US Mobile Advertising to Reach $2.9B in 2014 

BTOB MAGAZINE: U.S. mobile ad revenue projected to hit $2.9b by 2014

MOBILE MARKETING WATCH: US Mobile Ad Revenue Set To Grow To $3B By 2014

Call Center Solutions: Mobile Advertising Expected to Continue on Solid Growth Path

Channel Partners: U.S. Mobile Ad Revenues To Jump Sixfold in 5 Years

Adotas: Mobile Ad Revenue Forecast Is Mostly Sunny

FIERCE MOBILE: U.S. Mobile Advertising to Reach $2.9 Billion in 2014

WASHINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL: Mobile advertising to surge

CELLULAR NEWS: US Mobile Advertising to Reach $2.9 Billion in 2014

DIRECT MARKETING NEWS: Mobile advertising to reach $2.9 billion by 2014  

Click Through: Local online marketing will win big

PDAStreet: Local Mobile Search to Grow 130.5 Percent by 2013

WEBPRONEWS: Mobile Local Search Advertising to Reach $1.3 Billion 

Radio World: Mobile Local Space Is Worth Watching

ECONSULTANCY: Mobile ad spent to soar

Josh Chandler: Will Google succeed or fail in Mobile Search Ads?

MARKETINGVOX: Mobile Local Search Ad Revenues to Reach $1.3B by 2013 

Media Life Magazine: The coming explosion in mobile media

RCR WIreless: Local mobile search ads to soar

MICHAEL DURWIN: New Mobile Statistics 

Local Search Advertising to Increase Dramatically | Metric Voodoo, all around...

Kelsey Group reports mobile ad revenue to reach $3.1 billion by 2013 :: BtoB Magazine

Mobile Ad Spend on the Way . . . Up?

Study: Local Mobile Search Market to Skyrocket - AppScout

Mobile local search ad revenue will explode » Adotas

TVNEWSDAY - U.S. Mobile Ad Revenue to Hit $3.1B in '13

Kelsey Group predicts mobile advertising explosion, news, Advertising forecasts

Local Mobile Search Advertising To Grow 130% By 2013 : Mobile Marketing Watch - The Pulse Of The Mobile Marketing Community

Mobile Local Search Ad Revenues to Reach $1.3B by 2013

Forecast: Mobile to skyrocket 81% by 2013 - Mobile Marketing - BizReport

BRANDING UNBOUND: Study: Mobile Advertising To Top $3.1 Billion By 2013

Local Search and the Mobile Web: A Classic Combination from Kelsey | Broadband Evolved

Kelsey Forecasts Mobile/Local Search Growth

Mobile Local Search Ad Revs to Hit $3.1B by 2013 - Media Buyer Planner

Report Paints Bright Future For Mobile Ad Revenue | WebProNews

Mobile local search ad revenues to reach $1.3B in 2013 - FierceMobileContent

U.S. Mobile Local Search Advertising Revenues to Reach $1.3B in 2013

MobileBeyond: Mobile Advertising Growth Forecast: Michael Boland Podcast

Thumbs Up for the New Superpages.com iPhone App

A New Business Model For Skype: Turning Phone Numbers On The Web Into Paid Ads

Skype & YP for Click-to-Call and SEO? « Screenwerk

E-Commerce News: M-Commerce: Google Mobilizes Product Search for iPhone, Android Users

Alcatel Gets Into Mobile Ads - WSJ.com

Press Releases - Alcatel-Lucent Partners on Mobile-Advertising Service

Local marketing shifts to digital - DMNews

Apple, Google Consider App-Sharing Tools - BusinessWeek

Search Marketing Now Webinar

Local Mobile Advertising Gains Traction - InternetNews.com

Mobile Search in Western Europe to Hit €2.3B by 2013

Mobile Search in W. Europe to Hit 2.3B Euros by '13 - MarketingVOX

Bruceclay.com - Six Questions with Michael Boland - SEO Blog

JiWire to Launch New Targeting Solution for On-the-Go Audiences Using Nielsen Claritas Data | Reuters

100 Entrepreneurs You Should Follow and Learn From on Twitter

Google snaps up Admob for $750M - FierceMobileContent

Google Buys AdMob For $750 Million In Stock (GOOG, AAPL)

Google acquires AdMob: solidifies place in the mobile ad market | Blog |


Google to Buy AdMob for $750 Million - NYTimes.com

Mobile Marketer: What does Google’s $750M purchase of AdMob mean for mobile advertising?

eWeek: Google's AdMob Bid Galvanizes the Mobile Ad Industry

eWeek: Say Google's AdMob Bid Shouldn't Spark Antitrust Concerns

Not to dismiss clicks and impressions, but … - Mobile Marketer - columns

Surge in Non-voice Communications, Driven by Smartphone Proliferation

Mobile Phone Users Do More than Just Talk, Says Study

Survey: Non-Voice Smartphone Usage Up Significantly | Wireless Week

Smartphones Drive Surge in Non-Voice Communications

PhoneTell Builds 'Impossible-to-Find' Phone Numbers Into Its Free Mobile

PhoneTell Lets Your Smartphone Tell You Who to Call and Who's Calling You

Local Mobile Advertising Network xAD Lands $4 Million in Funding

Webinar: Local Search and the Path to New Digital Revenues

Bruceclay.com: 6 Questions with The Kelsey Group's Michael Boland

Bruceclay.com - 6 Questions With Analytics Guru ...

ReelSEO: Video Passes Search in Total Views

ReelSEO: Video Agencies' Marketing Tips for SMBs

ReelSEO: Jivox Launches New Online Video Ad Platform for SMBs

ReelSEO: Online Videos Drive Action & Conversion

Cool iPhone 3G Apps, Radical Local/Mobile Search...  

SES San Jose - Final Day - Joe Duck

Local Search at SES San Jose

TV Advertisers Can Learn From Online Campaigns... 

Real Estate and Local Video News Roundup: [ Well...

Google-Verizon Deal Would Put Google in Hands of...

Video of you: video ads on YouTube and local sea...

Local Online Video Ads, Dollars - eMarketer

Market For Local Online Video Ads Will Reach $1....

G5: Who's Next n Local Internet Advertising 

Search Engine Watch: Search Blogs Awards Voting is On 

Local Search in 2008 » Small Business SEM

SES New York: Video Made the SMB Star (Kelsey Gr...

From Camel’s Eyelids to Auto-geolocation: the Fu...

Alt Search Engines » Blog Archive » SES NYC Sess...

Yelp Expansion Plans at Ghost of Midnight

Everything's Jake at Kelsey Group ILM:07 [Se...

Spot Runner Buys Weblistic: Local Search on Vide...

Ghost of Midnight: Smalltown buys Local2Me

SearchEngineWatch: Is Optimization Key to Local ...

SearchEngineWatch: Social Features Key to Yahoo ...

Collarity Caps Successful First Half of 2007 Wit...

SearchEngineWatch: Pimp My Vertical Search

Specific Media Fastest Growing Online Ad Network Among comScore's Top 10 Networks

Peninsula Press Club: Hyper-local Web Sites Aren't Dead

Local Mobile and the iPhone

Thoughts Regarding Online Reviews

Search Engine Watch: The Local Video Revolution

Marketwire: Avvo Launches Website That Rates and Profiles Every Lawyer

Digital Edge: Popularity of Online Video Growing in the U.S.

Tekrati: Online video is the new local advertising paradigm

Mark Sigal's Blog: Interview with the Kelsey Group

MediaPost Publications - Just An Online Minute.....

Search Engine Watch: Getting Hyper-Active in Local Search

FollowTheMedia: TV Web Sites Overtaking Newspaper Web Sites

Search Engine Watch: Video and Mobile Take Center Stage

Local Search Guide: Making Local Search More Dynamic

Local Search Guide: TKG Global Yellow Pages Forecast

Local Search Guide: Of Yellow Pages, Sales Reps and Alphabet Soup

Local Search Guide: Yellow Pages Issues Highlighted at The Kelsey Group's DDC '06

vFlyer Unveils Business Widgets for Online Sellers

ZDNet: AOL’s MapQuest: Invaluable part of people’s lives

ClickZ: Recent Deals Signal Classifieds Convergence

Small Initiatives: Growing pains of social media

Jivox Video Ad Creation Tools Launched